Rewarding Better Choices

Remember when eating better required sacrifices?
We do. But “eating meat-free” is no longer synonymous with “boring and unfulfilling”. Things changed. People have more reasons than ever to reduce meat consumption – from personal health to environmental sustainability – and we salute everyone making better choices, no matter their reasons.

“Better” means many things. Meat eaters may want meatless days. Others are passionate about everything plant-based. We’re glad you’re on a journey regardless of your reasons why. Your life is personal to you.

And it’s personal to us, too. For us, “better” means ridiculously satisfying. Not just “Wow, this tastes better than expected – is it really plant-based?” More like “WOAH, I need this in my life.”

“Everyone can love a veggie day, no matter what their drive is.
It’s not for us to tell you what choices to make. But when you make them, we’d like to be the ones who reward you for it.


Q. Are your products suitable for vegans?

A. Our current range contains no meat and no animal products, so are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians alike.

Q. Do your products contain soy?

A. Yes, our products do contain soy. Eating soy foods have a number of benefits including being high in protein and fibre, and helping to lower cholesterol levels. All the soy is non-GMO.

Q. Are Veggie Day products a healthier substitute to meat?

A. Here at Veggie Day, creating a meat substitute which is healthy is one of our main concerns. All of the products in the range achieve only green and amber in the UK ‘traffic light’ system – you wouldn’t get that from your usual burger!

Q. Do you have any plans to extend your range?

A. Yes! We are currently developing new and exciting products to give you even more delicious meat-free options. Watch this space!

Q. I still have more questions, where can I contact you?

A. Great, we’d love to hear from you! You can find all our contact information and submit any enquiries here.

We are proud to have our food approved by the Vegetarian Society